Baby/Children’s Reflexology

babies feet

Babies respond very well to reflexology. The results are amazing to watch. Babies can have reflexology from birth onwards. Very gentle pressure is used and the treatment usually only takes 20-30mins, Baby will always let you know when they have had enough and we as Reflexologist will always respect that. Babies become much calmer within minuets of starting treatment.

Benefits of Baby Reflexology

  • Helps to treat Colic
  • Helps with Reflux
  • Improves sleeping patterns
  • Helps with teething
  • Calms Baby
  • Increases bond between Mum and baby as Mum is shown how to treat Baby in between Reflexologist treatments
  • Helps with Toddler tantrums
  • Baby is treated in the comfort of their own home and therefore relaxed very quickly

Baby Reflexology prices

€20/€30 per session or €90 for five

Your Babies reflexology treatments can also be claimed back from your private health insurer, amounts depend on your level of cover so please consult your insurance provider.


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