Maternity Reflexology

pregnent woman


Reflexology is a wonderful treatment to have during pregnancy.

It will not interfere with the viability of the pregnancy but some people prefer to wait until after the twelfth week to have this amazing treatment.


It reduces morning sickness, all day sickness and vomiting.

Relieves heartburn and indigestion,

Eases constipation and Haemorrhoids,

Relieves lower back pain, sciatica and sympysis pubis diastasis,

Prepares the body for labour,

Can reduce the lenght of labour with regular treatment,

Can reduce all stress related to pregnancy.

Can also increase energy levels making labour easier to deal with.


Reflexology is reccommended by the National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street Dublin.

Many couples who are trying to concieve have found reflexology of great benefit to them. It also is very beneficial for couples who are having difficulty conceiving.



If so take a look at my offer.

Ten Maternity reflexology treatments to take throughout your pregnancy.

1st treatment at 12-14 weeks

2nd treatment at 16-18 weeks

3rd treatment at 20-22 weeks

4th treatment at 24-26 weeks

5th treatment at 30-32 weeks

6th treatment at 34-36 weeks

7th treatment at 37 weeks

8th treatment at 38 weeks

9th treatment at 39 weeks

10th treatment at 40 weeks

NORMALLY €400 NOW ONLY €300 payable in two instalments of €150 on 1st and 5th treatments.

Your Maternity reflexology treatments can also be claimed back from your private health insurer, amounts depend on your level of cover so please consult your insurance provider.

Shorter courses are also available just email me for details


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