Hi Everyone,

Just to let you all know I’m fully vaccinated now and I’m back doing mobile treatments. I will be following all government guidelines on covid 19 protocols. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.



 Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well. I can’t believe the weather can you?

So to cheer us all up I’m going to do an offer for the next few weeks .

THREE reflexology sessions for €100. Feel free to share with your friends and family, thanks Michelle xx

Baby/Children’s Reflexology

babies feet

Babies respond very well to reflexology. The results are amazing to watch. Babies can have reflexology from birth onwards. Very gentle pressure is used and the treatment usually only takes 20-30mins, Baby will always let you know when they have had enough and we as Reflexologist will always respect that. Babies become much calmer within minuets of starting treatment.

Benefits of Baby Reflexology

  • Helps to treat Colic
  • Helps with Reflux
  • Improves sleeping patterns
  • Helps with teething
  • Calms Baby
  • Increases bond between Mum and baby as Mum is shown how to treat Baby in between Reflexologist treatments
  • Helps with Toddler tantrums
  • Baby is treated in the comfort of their own home and therefore relaxed very quickly

Baby Reflexology prices

€20 per session or €90 for five

Your Babies reflexology treatments can also be claimed back from your private health insurer, amounts depend on your level of cover so please consult your insurance provider.


If so take a look at my NEW offer.

Ten Maternity reflexology treatments to take throughout your pregnency.

1st treatment at 12-14 weeks

2nd treatment at 16-18 weeks

3rd treatment at 20-22 weeks

4th treatment at 24-26 weeks

5th treatment at 30-32 weeks

6th treatment at 34-36 weeks

7th treatment at 37 weeks

8th treatment at 38 weeks

9th treatment at 39 weeks

10th treatment at 40 weeks

NORMALLY €400 NOW ONLY €300 payable in two instalments of €150 on 1st and 5th treatments.

Your Maternity reflexology treatments can also be claimed back from your private health insurer, amounts depend on your level of cover so please consult your insurance provider.

Shorter courses are also available just email me for details

IntituteDo you know that by choosing a Reflexologist that is a member of the IRISH REFLEXOGISTS INSTTITUTE you are assured that your reflexologist is qualified to a high stamdard, you can also claim back any treatments you have back from your private health insurer as long as your reciept has her/his membership number on it.
JTC Reflexology Summer Promotion

Photo: Really looking forward to meeting everyone at my Reflexology open day. Please share this post and spread the word, many thanks Michelle xxx




24th April 2014

Do you know that The National Maternity Hospital in Dublin recommends Reflexology in pregnancy.

It is a great way to helps ease all the aches and pain that pregnancy can bring.

It helps to relieve

  • indigestion
  • lower back pain
  • Haemorrhoids
  • constipation
  • on going morning/ all day sickness

The length of labour can be very mush reduced by haveing regular treatment before your delivery date.

It has also been found that babies of Mums who had Reflexology during their pregnancy are calmer after the birth and latch on easier and are less prone to colic.

Using Reflexology after the birth can help to promote more rapid healing and encourage breast milk production. It can also help to stabilise the hormone balance in the days and weeks after the birth.

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