“I first had reflexology purely as a form of relaxation. After four treatments I had much more energy and my skin was glowing” Sue, Swords Co Dublin

‘I heard about Michelle through a friend who had very positive results with her treatment. Michelle gave me reflexology at 40 weeks pregnant to help prepare my body for labour. Later that evening my labour started and my waters broke spontaneously. The next day I delivered my healthy baby girl. I would highly recommend Michelle, she is terrific at what she does and such a lovely warm and friendly person, I felt totally at ease with her. Her treatment definitely worked for me. Thank you so much Michelle’ Jenny Swords Co Dublin

“I have had six Indian Head massage treatment over the last two months to help with my migraine can’t believe the difference, feel like a new woman! “Helen, Malahide Co Dublin.

“I have suffered from frequent ear infection for years a friend told me about Ear candling as she had great success with it. I have had six treatments over ten weeks and so far no ear infections, delighted” Marie, Clontarf Dublin 3

” I decided to have Reflexology as I have suffered with chronic back pain for twenty years I had tried many different treatment some with little success some with none. I had two courses of treatment 12 in all over a four month treatment, my back is very much improved and my over health has improved greatly. I now have monthly treatment just for relaxation, I wouldn’t hesitate to use reflexology as a complementary therapy for any future conditions I may have.” Sylvia, Dublin 5

“I have regular Indian head massage treatments, as I have a very stressful job I find it very relaxing it cures my tension headache and I find I sleep very well after each treatment” Richard Clonsilla Dublin 15

“My teenage son has suffered with Eczema since he was a toddler; he was coming up to his junior Cert and was very stressed. Stress can cause eczema to flare up quite badly. He had reflexology treatment once a week for the six weeks leading up to his exams, not only did it calm his skin down but it also decreased his stress levels. It did take me a while to persuade him to go but he was delighted with the results in the end” Anne Dublin 6